2 day microblading Training

Cost $1900

Next Training Date July 27th & 28th! 

Register Now Before Class Seats Are Full!

This  is a 2 day training course, in a small class setting (no more than 6 students) where you will have a very hands on, intimate experience with two dynamic instructors.

Course outline: 

  • Brow Mapping & Symmetry

  • Color Theory

  • Stroke Design

  • Skin Types & Healing 

  • Prior Procedure Setup

  • Aftercare & Touch Ups

  • Safety & Sterilization

  • Consultation & Contradictions

  • Before & After Photos

  • Consent Forms

  • Permits & Insurance 

  • Supply List

  • Working on a Live Model

  • Includes a microblading Starter Kit and Tote Bag


Touchup Course $500- The Touchup Course is Available to Add On to your Initial 2 Day Microblading Course.  It is an additional $500 and will be completed after 8 weeks (to work on the same model).
Manual Shading Course $500- Add-On for first day of training $500

How to Register

Please contact via email to register for classes and to pay your deposit online.

PLEASE NOTE: The Deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. Please understand this deposit holds your spot in class for two entire days of full training. Final payment is due 48 hours prior to your class date and is NON-REFUNDABLE as well.

PLEASE NOTE:  Students MUST have a Florida Tattoo Artist License in order to participate in working on a live model and have the teacher's approval based on the students performance during the class.  We will help you obtain your Tattoo Artist License if you need help doing so.  If you do not have a Tattoo Artist License by the date of your class, practice skins will be provided for you to work on.  


microblading Starter Kit Includes: 

  • Training manual

  • 10 Sterilized Microblading pens

  • 5 pigments

  • 1 Golden ratio Caliper

  • 1 Caliper Ruler

  • Numbing gel

  • Tattoo practice skins

  • Aftercare packets

  • Pigment rings

  • Pigment caps

  • Pigment mixer

  • Professional brow pencil

  • Lash wands

  • Lip wands

  • Microswabs

(Each Starter Kit has Enough Materials To Work In Class Plus on 8 Future Clients!)